Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pictures of my first projects

This is my first attempt at a daiper cake and I'm very happy
with how it came out. It's nice and simple just how I like things.

This here is my first attempt at a word book. My niece's name
will be Darlah. I used the Alphalicious Cart. for the letters.
I think it came out nice considering it was my first.

The signature board was a hit at the baby shower and
the parents-to-be loved it!
I also made two banners one says Baby Shower and the
other says Darlah. Only the Baby Shower banner has hung
because mom-to-be liked the Darlah banner so much,
she didn't want it to get ruined.
I also made the invites but I don't have pictures of them.

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  1. Love all the baby shower decorations... I decided to visit after seeing your blog link on the cricut MB!